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Odour Clean

Odour Clean is a biological cleaner and deodorizer that reduces unpleasant washroom odours. Its powerful formulation will leave your space smelling fresh.

PRODUCT SKU: A100590-12an / A100590-4cs
  • ECOLOGO® Certified
  • Leaves a unique bio-film on treated surfaces
  • Prevents future build-up of organic matter
  • Fast acting


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Pale tan







ODOUR CLEAN is a bio-based odour neutralizer. It contains natural micro-organisms that eliminates unpleasant washroom odours created by urine and feces neutralizing them at the source. ODOUR CLEAN can be used with hand spray, pump spray or automated dispensing systems.ODOUR CLEAN is also very effective in reducing pet or animal odours from cat urine to noxious skunk spray.


Odour Clean can be added to automated dispensing systems for urinals or toilets. The dilution will vary from 250 ml per litre (32 oz/gallon) (1:4) to 1000 ml per litre (128 oz/gallon) (1:1), depending on the severity of the nauseous odours. Generally, manual spray will be 250 ml per litre (32 oz/gallon) (1:4), yet a second application may be necessary under severe conditions. Let sit overnight and wash as usual the next day. For regular duty and maintenance, Odour Clean 32 ml per litre (4 oz/gallon) (1:32) with water and spray generously on soiled surface. Let sit 3-5 minutes and clean using a cloth, sponge or mop. No rinsing required.


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